Simple quick yummy pizza recipe

About: how to make simple quick pizza| pizza|Trader Joe’s | pizza dough |yummy pizza recipe What an amazing weekend. Did so much with kids and friends that I am all excited for the week (just kidding).  We did so many things that I am planning to write about each one of them.To all parents who

Ketchup Rice

Hello Everyone. Just got over with the hump day of the week and waiting for the weekend. Ketchup is my son’s favorite. So I converted tomato rice into ketchup rice. To make it more interesting I add spinach, soy chunks (meal maker) click here to see it , it is really healthy and high in

How to make Hulk Dosai

Hope all of you had a wonderful day. This is my first recipe post. I just wanted to start with a simple one. I made this for dinner tonight and also from reading this post ( my friend asked me to post this recipe. This  is more healthier than normal dosa as it has more