Want to know how to make fresh paratha at home faster, even if you are working and have no time?

This topic is a tip for working moms to make roti, methi paratha or any veggie paratha in a quicker way at home.For some people rolling chapati or paratha is not a big deal they can easily make it within seconds.I usually do it in a fairly lesser amount of time but after two kids providing fresh paratha or chapati started becoming impossible. Since I dont like my kids eating store bought chapati or tortilla I used to make fresh ones for them and we would buy wheat tortillas or chapatis from Indian store.

 I bought a Tortilla maker (click here to see what it is ) , just after our wedding thinking I’ll make roti’s out of it easily. I was never able to  make perfect roti’s using it how many ever times I tried with different consistency dough. Finally I just kept it away. After my son was born , I was still able to manually roll the dough. After my daughter everything became very difficult. Then my husband suggested this idea to use the tortilla maker as a press to flatten the dough. So these days I use it to flatten the roti’s. If you don’t have a tortilla maker, you can also buy something like this  to press your roti dough. Of course they are a little hard than the normal roti’s ,especially when you take it for lunch next day, but we are used to it now.

The below method will help you make fresh and quick paratha at home. I love methi so I get fresh methi from Indian store and separate the leaves during weekend and will store it in the fridge. Morning before I leave to work will knead the dough. Evening will make it fresh.

    knead the dough


roll it and put it at one end of the tortilla maker
press it to get a nice round shape 
then heat it in a skillet
Follow this method and let me know if this was useful. Good night and see you all soon with another post.