Hi All..Hope all of you are having a wonderful day.Coming to today’s topic, I wanted to write something about a relationship which you dont get to choose yet it works out to be perfect most of the times.I dont think we all would be here without them and we might have given them hard and


Hi All hope all is good. If you have read my post on ( , I have written about siblings. Now when I see my kids playing with my niece I was reminded of my summer holidays where I used to enjoy with my cousins.Most summer vacations when I was young, my cousins used to


Hello everyone…Hope all is well.Today’s topic is on in-laws. If you have read my post on “First year of marriage life do’s and dont’s” ( I have mentioned that ” Try to build a relationship with his/her family based on how they behave with you rather than being judgmental” Let me elaborate more on what

Mother’s marriage advice to her son

Hope all of you had a wonderful day. I just learnt from our neighbor today that there is a P&G rebate in Costco.If you buy products for 100$ you get a 33$ Costco cash card in rebate. We have not  used it yet  but surely check it out form this website (, dont miss this :).Coming to today’s

Happy Birthday Nethra

“Happy Birthday” to my wonderful niece…She turns “2” today the “terrible two” starts. Good luck to my brother and my sister-in-law on handling that.I was just rewinding my thoughts  to how I felt when I knew  they were having her. I was so happy and as usual  gave in my  inputs on “What to expect

Who is world’s best cook??

Hope all of you had a wonderful day.If you read this post ( you will know my routine for the day :).  I think most of you will be able to relate to today’s post.Initially after our wedding I was so enthusiastic and tried to cook all new dishes.I used to experiment a lot with