The relation that is not talked much about!!!

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We always hear a lot about  parents and kids relation (dad-daughter, mom-son), siblings relation, daughter-in-law and mother in-law relation. There is one relation that is not much talked about.

When we had our son, my mother was here to help us. I felt that my mother was behaving very strange. I just thought it was because she is in a new place and she was visiting me after few years.

We were taking turns and watching our son at night. By the time my mom woke up , my husband would have already left for work. My mom used to be very guilty that she never served coffee or breakfast to my husband. I could sense that she didn’t feel at home.

I asked her if she was not comfortable staying with us. She then told me that she was confused as to how to address and talk to my husband. I was laughing hard. She then told me that my grandmother never stood in front of my father. That was how the mother-in-law and son-in-law relation was in olden days I guess.I don’t know how I would have managed if it was like that now.

After  I understood her problem, I made it clear that things have changed in this generation.The mother-in-law and son-in-law relation has become more easy . It took her time to understand that.

When she visited  us last time she was more casual. There is mutual  respect on both sides and my husband and my mom get along well now. The only down side to the whole situation is that my mom sympathizes a lot with my husband for tolerating me ,and she supports my husband more than me and they get together and tease me  :).  Please share your thoughts on this .