Ok Kanmani or Ok Bangaram review

Since many of you asked me for the review I thought would write a post on it. I am not going to reveal the story since I want you to go with no expectations. The things I loved in the movie are
* Simple story
* Rahman’s Music and BGM , jells well with the movie
* Extraordinary cinematography
*Nithya and Dulquer
*You can see Mani Ratnam all over the movie in the form of the actors and the backgrounds in every scene
*No vulgarity
*Emotions are brought out very well.

The things that I feel they should have paid more attention to are:
*First half is a drag, but second half catches up.
*Very predictable story line with no twist or surprises.
*Many loop holes in the story, I never expected so many in a Mani Ratnam’s movie
*Song picturization is not that great.
*Other than the lead pair and one more character, looks like most other actors faced camera for the first time. They did not so justice to their roles.
*Dulquer’s profession could have been something different. I did not enjoy the graphics associated with it.

Overall a nice romantic movie that makes you forget about everything else when you are in the theater. After watching the movie with my friend , I came home and told my husband that I really love him 🙂