Want to know how to set up your kids spring closet using winter clothes ??

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Managing kids clothes  is a big chore that I really struggle to do. You have to keep removing dresses that they
* grow out of
*have some stains on
*the ones that they tear

Also keep buying new ones to fill these gaps. Usually my kids just love a shirt or a pant and would want to wear that everyday.Morning feuds are really hard to tackle and I will let  them wear whatever they want.It has been really difficult to teach them about how weather pattern changes and how we need to dress accordingly. I recently printed out this activity to make them understand it better  Montessori weather tracking card .Using this card I am trying to map the different seasons to the months so they know how weather changes.

Now we have a transition in weather  from winter to spring and  my son wants to wear a  t-shirt that he has been wearing in  the past few months.  Last weekend I did something

I cut the arms of the t-shirt. Now we both are happy and in peace. The best past is  that for t-shrits with extended arm in a different color , you dont need  any sewing when you cut the arms. It just becomes a half hand t-shirt and you can continue to use it till you child grows out of it. I want to try this with the pants also to make it into shorts, since my son tears  all his pants near the knee. 
For my daughter, the full pants are now 3/4th and also I will remove a stitch at the bottom of her old dress to make it longer. If you have any other ideas on how to reuse kids dresses ,please do share it so we all can benefit from it.