Top 7 spring break destinations !!!

Spring break is approaching fast. Many of you will be looking for exciting getaway destinations. It is always fun to plan a vacation with your friends. Usually we try to go with another family so the kids have a lot of fun.We mostly  book accommodation through VRBO  . There are millions of listings here.

Long weekend fun !!!

Hello Everyone..It was very very sad to watch the semifinals today. My heart goes to all the Brazilian fans. One of the Face Book update that I liked the most was :“As a Brazil supporter Goal 1 – Felt match is gonna get interesting. Goal 2 – Disheartening Goal 3 – EmbarrassingGoal 4 – laughing at the poor

Corpus Christi beach trip

Corpus Christi Hotels, Attractions, Group Tours, Beaches & Texas Vacations in Corpus Christi Hello everyone,how did your day go? mine was very hectic and I am ready to hit the bed. Today’s topic is about the road trip we all went on Saturday to Chorpus Christi beach.Me an my husband grew up in city very

California trip

Hi All, You all must have noticed that I didn’t update my posts regularly. I was enjoying my vacation .Just came back today.You will know where I went if you read this post ( We went to California mainly Folsom and Bay area. It was a wonderful trip and got to meet so many people


For all those who read my previous posts on Hawaii ( &( this is the last island.Maui is the most beautiful of all three and if you are planning to visit only one island I would recommend going here.Day 9:As soon as we landed we        *Hiked the the Iao needle very beautiful

Big Island

Hope you all enjoyed your beautiful Sunday. Weather was awesome here and we had fun with our friends. I really like writing this Hawaii trip post as I am able to recollect some of my old sweet memories. For all who read my previous post ( today I am going to write on what all