Is your marriage successful?

Very busy week and weekend with lot of things to accomplish. I am really happy that I found few minutes to write a post. I recently came across this  book Angie Grace’s coloring book. This is an adult coloring book and people recommend it saying coloring soothes and calms your body. This is what we used

Our wedding story

Hi All…I know today is April fools day. Since my birthday was yesterday happy birthday to me  when my mom told everyone the next day that she had me no one believed. They all thought she was fooling them. I am happy that I was not born today, thanks to my mom.Coming to today’s topic

Does marriage change you??

Think everyone is getting ready for the week. If you have read this post Mother’s marriage advice to her son  , we went to Costco today and got our P&G products worth 100$. I still cant understand how we always spend so much at Costco every week 100$ flies away just like that. Now we

Husband+Wife =??

Hello everyone..hope you all had a nice day. If you shop at whole foods today I bought a groupon $10 for $5 ( it is available only for limited time, dont miss it. Let me come to today’s post. I noticed a big change  in the way people started to look at me after marriage.

Is he/she the right person..

For everyone who had a valentine to celebrate with yesterday,who are  looking for one and who think relationship is not for me right now I am pretty sure at some point of time in your life you might have asked this question to yourself on meeting someone IS HE/SHE THE RIGHT PERSON?. Unfortunately in real