Does marriage change you??

Think everyone is getting ready for the week. If you have read this post Mother’s marriage advice to her son  , we went to Costco today and got our P&G products worth 100$. I still cant understand how we always spend so much at Costco every week 100$ flies away just like that. Now we have to remember to fill the rebate and send it.

Coming to today’s topic, “Marriages are made in heaven”, I truly believe in this statement. Whether you had an arranged marriage or a love marriage I have already mentioned in my previous post ( that husband and wife have to understand each other and act as a team to make things work. Everyone wishes that their marriage should not change who they are. Let us see what my marriage did to me.

 Only after my marriage
* I know how to enjoy life
*be in the present
*laugh a lot at my husband’s joke
*be more social
*be more responsible
*develop give and take attitude
*besides appreciating my positives my husband pin points my negatives also which I am trying my best to rectify
*adjust with people
*get to know more about me and how I react to situations
*be more confident, he always tells me “If you don’t stand up for yourself no one will “
*take things light
My marriage did change me a lot.I really thank my husband for all this, also I was open to change. This is a quality that I feel everyone should develop when you enter the wedlock.I do agree with age we mature more and learn more but I think marriage is a big turning point in everyone’s  life where both husband and wife change and evolve. If some of you think that you are the same person before and after marriage, think twice. I am pretty sure that there is at least  one quality that you developed or quit for your spouse. If you feel all the change in you is for good then  you are leading a successful life. Please do share your thoughts on this and what changes you see in yourself after marriage. Even small ones like “I brush my teeth every night because of my husband/wife”. Have a wonderful week and see you soon with another interesting topic 🙂