Kids lunch ideas

Hi all ,hope all is well. After reading this post Who is world’s best cook,one of my friend requested to share what all I pack for my kids lunch. So this is for her.
Kids in general are fussy eaters. I always  tell my son that I put in a lot of effort to get your lunch packed so please eat it. Mostly I know what my kids like and I will show my son (as only he can understand and my daughter is too young for it) what I am packing so that he doesn’t have any surprises. I will list the dishes I make for them and please add to this what all you wonderful mommies do so I can learn from you.
*Vegetable chapati : Throw in some veggies when you make chapati dough and spread some jam and role it up. Both my kids love this one.

*Veg pasta:This is  house favorite. They both love this.

*Veg uthappam: Usually they like only red bell pepper in it.

*Home made mini veggie pizza:This is a sure thing to fly. Check here on how to make it 

*Idli with some carrot scrapped on top
*Cucumber cheese sandwich
*Veggie+cheese quessidea
*Veg Ravioli: tried ravioli but both my kids didn’t like them. Will re introduce it later
*Bread+Jam if I absolutely dont know what to make
*Paav Baji -we coat the baji on the bun and call it masala bun

One of my friend sent this pic that she packed for her daughter :

Also this is what I packed for my daughter today:

Fruits for morning snack, cabbage and veggie chapathi rolls for lunch and veggie chips fro evening snack.Usually I try to give yogurt or peanut butter in the morning for protein.

I keep rotating between these options, When I try rice items they dont seem to like. Each day is different though,some days they are moody too.Will post recipes for some of these soon. Please share what all you make for your kids. I always keep looking for new ideas. Any simple,easy and tasty dishes that you know of.