Dont I have the freedom to even cry??

Hope all of you are doing good…Today I want to write something about my view on”crying”. Generally women cry easily as it is a form of expressing their feelings and men think this as a “tool” that women use to get things their way.
As kids we all cry there is no gender associated with it. After a point guys are generally taught not to cry (I think they want to portray men as strong people??), when they cry the statement made is “Are you a girl?? why are you crying like this??”.
I used to cry a lot. As a kid, whenever I did something wrong,even before my parents raised their voice, I’ll be in tears. Then they will scold me to stop crying. Those times I used to think “Don’t I have the freedom to even cry??”.  Even after my wedding I used to cry a lot on small things.I am pretty sure that there are many husbands who tell their wives “Do anything but dont ‘cry'”.
What I thought I did by “crying” was  I was expressing my feelings (sorry) that I did something wrong and  the person at the receiving end will understand this. But in reality ,when I cry it irritates the other person and creates a drama that deviates from the main subject in focus.

I did not realize the real meaning behind “crying” until I saw my kids. My son/daughter do the same thing. Even before I tell them something they will start crying and then I feel bad that I made them cry and finally I end up asking “sorry” and the real reason why I was mad at them is forgotten. These days I seldom cry on small issues.
 I agree,crying is a “tool”.So ladies I think it is time for us  to think about this and see if we have to really waste our tears on small issues. Use this tool wisely, it is a great tool (only for us )that helps us to express our emotions, forget and move on with things in life.If you are already a strong person hats off to you.