Some snack ideas for a party

Hope all of you had a wonderful day. This post is a continuation of the post ( We dont have much time to host parties often, still whenever we get time we try to call people home or visit others as meeting others rejuvenates me. Every time when I talk to people around me,I learn something, after all man is a social animal.

Coming to today’s topic ,we hosted a house warming party at home (as we cant host it anywhere else). It was a Sunday afternoon timing was 3 pm to 6 pm. We served light snacks. The myth around house warming party is you have to have you house fully furnished and have the party immediately after you buy a house. We didn’t take any pressure on us. We wanted to have it when my mother visited us so we can have help with kids. Also I had asked my mom to buy some nice gift bags from India as I wanted to give my  guest a really nice return gift.

As I promised in my earlier post ,some of the snack items that we had for our party are:
*We catered veg pakora and samosa
* We had lentil chips and salsa, lentil chips was a big hit!!(You can have any chips and guacamole or spinach artichoke dip check this out for more ideas
* We made the fresh spring rolls at home believe me it was a lot of work and some peanut sauce.
*We made sweet and spicy sandwiches.
   -Buy any white bread and cut out the edges of the bread
   -For sweet add any jam or jelly inside and cut it into two triangles
   -For spicy we used mint chutney as spread and place sliced cucumber and american cheese between the two pieces of bread and cut in into two triangles. This was a hit!!
 * My mom made some sweet “Ghee appam” which all kids enjoyed.
  * We had some strawberry,grapes and watermelon spread on a plate
  *Some juice for kids (Honest kids)
  * Water and Mango lemonade (this was a hit!!) for adults. You can also try to make some punch,one of my friend shared this website with me , I haven’t personally tried anything from this but let me know if you liked something (
  * Finally one of our friend baked some treats for us which was amazing with vanilla ice cream 😉  Another big hit !!(Thank you again for doing this. It was so nice of you)
Upstairs in our house we had some toys for kids to play. I really enjoyed the party but unfortunately we never took any pics of it. So all of you please keep in mind to take pictures of any party you throw , it will always throw a smile on your face when you see them later.