Long distance relationship -is it worth the hassle???

 Hope all of you had a wonderful day. Thank you all for the lovely comments, also send me some topics that you want to see here. I will surely write my experience or my views on it.
Coming to today’s topic “long distance relationship” is something very difficult to handle. For all those who have never done this I think you are lucky, still I think you missed something in life. You did not experience how it would be if you do not have your loved one next to you. For those who have experienced  this  you will totally relate to this post.

I hope  all  of you read this post our wedding story and you  know how we got married. After that I graduated and started to look for a job. I found a job in a different city than where we were living. We started to live  in two different cities and thought that we will be able to get together soon. But it went on and on. To travel between the two cities , there were no direct flights and the total flying time would be around 6 hours and there was a 2 hour time difference between the two cities.We both alternated and traveled every two weeks. I always had a suitcase packed ready to start anytime.Main things that added to the  frustration was
*Could not see each other every day.
*Since the city I lived was 2 hours ahead ,when I woke up my husband will still be sleeping and when I went home after work, he was still at work, so could not talk whenever we wanted on phone
* Lot of misunderstanding due to poor communication
* Frustrated that we cannot have each other for special day like birthdays or wedding anniversary
*Had to maintain two house holds
*I had to clean both apartments, whenever I visited his house I will clean everything there as well (Though my husband says he cleaned the apt)
*The travel really exhausted us.
* Had to spend a lot of money on flight tickets
*Once ,when my husband was not able to come and meet me due to work I was really mad at him.
*Missed each other badly
*Can only Skype with each other when we wanted to see each other
*Weekends were really boring, though we had friends they were also busy with their own things
* Our managers got frustrated as we were travelling too much
Only advantage I can think of is we both became frequent fliers and got one round trip for free. We did this for about six months and was almost very frustrated with it. You need a lot of patience to deal with things.So finally when my husband got a job in my city I just told him not to think about anything else and just move. We were really happy that it was over and  we dont wish that situation  for any other couple . I know a few people who had to do long-distance for even longer time and between really far cities and longer time differences. Please share your thoughts on this and how you handled it.