Husband+Wife =??

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Let me come to today’s post. I noticed a big change  in the way people started to look at me after marriage. People started to  see me and my husband as one entity. If you have read my post on ( I have mentioned that after marriage  “Dont think that your individuality is gone.It is just taking a different shape since another dimension is added to your life” , it is very true.Your (both husband and wife) life changes for good.
So let me come to the question, what do you think is the answer to the question??  friends?? lovers??
no I think the answer is “a team”, yes husband+wife = a team ,you both are in one team to win the competition “LIFE”.
Me and my husband are in one team where I like to cook and he likes to eat so helps me with  cutting veggies and other small things around the kitchen.
Small things you can do to strengthen your team are:
*Appreciate the work that each of you do.
*Never take each other for granted
*Share the work (divide and conquer)
*Consult with each other before you make a decision.

*Share your thoughts on different areas of interest
*Come to a common ground of how you want to raise your kids.Kids are very smart they do parent hunting and will target the weaker one.
*Spend some time with each other
*Try to understand each other during tough times(tension at work,too much stress,sick etc)
*Dont blow small fights big
*Accept your mistakes, everyone makes mistakes.
*Find your strengths and weakness and take up tasks accordingly.In my house only I can dress up my kids.The teacher or day care provider can easily find out  if my husband dressed up my kids that morning.Same way I cant do taxes.I just let him do it.
The funny thing is the kids become your boss.They demand more work from you and if you both agree to be on same team you will be rewarded with a happy family and well behaved kids.We both are still working to get there.Do share your thoughts on this post.