Am I Pregnant?

For all those who found that you are pregnant and going to have a baby my “hearty congratulations”. For all those who are trying to get pregnant good luck. For people who are not married or not thinking about kids just relax and enjoy life. For parents try to read my post on Parents don’t replace yourselves with iPhone/iPad and Little Helpers.
I still remember the day I knew that I was pregnant .It was a very emotional day for me and my husband. I was very happy and at the same time scared on how I am going to manage everything. Mixed emotions which I have never felt when I left India or graduation day or even on my wedding day.I just cant explain the feelings you have to go through it to understand what I am talking about.The whole idea of a baby growing within  you kind of freaked me out. Until that day I did everything at home, after I knew I was pregnant I loved all the attention I got at home as well as outside,  at work people will offer you a chair in meeting that is fully packed. Everyone will  give you way and treat you with more respect and empathy.
At home I got a free ride on everything. Whenever I said I am tired my husband would say “Dont worry about the dishes I’ll take care of it” which I have never heard before or he will cook for me.  Also people around you congratulate and tell you things about “What to expect while expecting”.  Luckily I didn’t have any morning sickness with both my kids so I enjoyed the first and second trimester.
Third trimester is the real hard part. All worries creep into your mind such as
       *how am I going to deliver this baby??
       * I dont want this baby to come out before full term
       *will he/she come out??
       * Will it pain ??
       * What if I die??
       *Am I dilated enough??
       *How will I know how contractions feel like ???
        *I want to have a normal delivery but will it become a C section
        * When can I have an epidural when I am in labor??
For women who are in this boat “JUST RELAX” you are all birthing goddesses, dont worry about anything  this is a natural process. “All our moms did it” so  you can do it.  Just think of delivery as the last step to get to hold your baby in your arms.I had my son in Nov 2010 and my daughter in Nov 2012. Both times I knew I was pregnant around this time(Feb) of the year.Since it is 2014 I am waiting for Feb to end without any good/bad news.Please share your thoughts on how you felt when you knew you were going to have a baby. I would love to hear your story. Good night 😉