For all those who read my previous posts on Hawaii ( &( this is the last island.Maui is the most beautiful of all three and if you are planning to visit only one island I would recommend going here.
Day 9:As soon as we landed we
        *Hiked the the Iao needle very beautiful place, not a very long hike but you can see nature at its best here,for more information (
         *Visited Lahaina which is an old charming beach town where you can get tickets for most of the activities that you can do in Maui.We got tickets for our helicopter ride,para sailing,jet skiing, snorkeling, and under water submarine. All tickets are very expensive.Small money saving tip you can sit through a 90 minute presentation to get free tickets for some activities.We were very tired with so much of driving around so we sat through a 90 minute presentation an answered “NO” to all offers and got some free tickets.Then we walked around the town and visited the huge banyan tree for more information (
Day 10: Drove along Road to Hanna( scenic drive.You can stop at various scenic spots and hike in between. On the way there is a town called Paia for more info (
Day 11: Next day we started very early to drive to Haleakala Crater ( to watch  the sunrise above the clouds.It was mind blowing.Then we went to para sailing,jet skiing and snorkeling.
Day 12:We took the helicopter ride to West Maui and Molokai.This tour took us through the places where Jurassic park was shot.We saw so many waterfalls and it was very scenic,it still stays in my mind.Helicopter rides are usually very expensive but worth every bit of it, for more info ( we went to under water submarine ride and some other water activities.
Day 13: We just visited some beaches around our hotel and just lazed around before we finally took off from here.
Wow!!!!! I cant believe we did so much. I cant imagine doing all this now.We saw a lot of rainbows here and there as we were driving.Finally we were very tired and I really wanted home cooked food and wanted to sleep in my bed.It was a very good vacation which I would love to do again.But the end of it I was really happy to be back to my sweet home.Please let me know if this was useful and share additional info if you have already visited these islands. Happy vacation to all of you who are yet to go visit this beautiful paradise.