Daily Routine

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments. Some of you sent me messages, really sweet of you.Thank you and keep following me for updates.
Today’s topic is “DAILY ROUTINE”.I am a person who likes to follow a routine, it helps me manage time efficiently and keep things going smoothly.I really wonder how much my routine has changed from being a student to single to married to mom with one kid to mom with 2 kids.I am really surprised when I look at the gradual change and how I have fit or removed so many things in my routine and I cant see it getting any better.
Our daily routine is very crazy.We both are working parents, we  try to wake up around 5:30 a.m but generally alarm goes on from 5:30 and we end up waking up later than that. Then we make lunch for the kids get them dressed, drop our daughter first and then our son. Since we both work at the same office we try to carpool somedays. If no early morning meetings we try to work out, then get to work. We have our lunch together that is when we talk about things going on at work and home. Then we start from work pick up kids,after reaching home one of us cook and the other bathe the kids and give them dinner.Then we read books and spend some time with our kids.Mostly my husband takes them to bed and I do the cleaning and the dishes. Then my favorite time “blog time” ,after kids sleep we watch something on TV for 30 mins and then hit the bed. We do this every day over and over again.Weekends we have a different routine.
In future we will have to fit in our kids home work time, then pick up and drop them in different classes. I dont see this getting any better.
Out of all this we do in our everyday routine I like our lunch time where I get to talk to my husband on everyday things , the time I pick up my kids where I am really happy to see them and  find out what they did that day and my “blog time”. Now I feel that these happy moments of the day are the ones that keep you going. I think doing something you like or having some time for your self is really important. It gives you more energy and relieves your stress.Please share with me the moments you all  really like in your daily routine. It could even be having a cup of coffee/tea in peace which is really rare for busy moms and dads.