Our wedding story

Hi All…I know today is April fools day. Since my birthday was yesterday happy birthday to me  when my mom told everyone the next day that she had me no one believed. They all thought she was fooling them. I am happy that I was not born today, thanks to my mom.
Coming to today’s topic after reading this post Is there a right age to get married? one of my friend requested me to write about my wedding story. So here you go. Ours is an arranged marriage. Our parents first met on a matrimony site then we got introduced to each other. I was still doing my masters and my husband was working in California. Though I was an intern in the same company that my husband was working we never met before. Everyone asked us if it was a “love marriage”. After a point we ended up telling it was a love marriage though it was not.We started to talk somewhere around September of 2007. For people who know me, I can talk on and on for a long time on the pone. My husband’s phone used to drain battery like crazy. We both bought a blue tooth headset which we wore all the time  (I have no idea where it is now). We did not want to decide anything until we met each other. We spoke for about 3 months and met on December 14th 2007. On 15th December we decided we wanted to get married. My husband called both our parents and told them what we decided. They were happy and arranged for the engagement. We could not go to India for the engagement and the wedding date was decided to be 30th May 2008.
His parents never got to meet me and my parents never got to meet him.This kind of created a lot of tension. Since they  didn’t  meet us, they were still doubtful if we made the right choice and so many small things popped here and there. I am pretty sure you all would have experienced something like that in your wedding as well.

                                   (Wow we look very young in this picture)
We both traveled together to India just two weeks before the wedding and I was very nervous to meet his parents and relatives. Finally everything turned out to be good . The real sad part about the Indian wedding is thousands of people are invited but very few really care about the bride and the groom.Most people just come to meet others and have a nice time and of course enjoy the nice food. We were busy with all the ceremonies that we never got to peacefully eat and relish the food. I don’t know why we had those big chairs during reception, we never got to sit on it even for 5 minutes and the photo and video lights really made us blind.The entire two and half days was very tiring. Finally we were happy that it was over. Every time we talk about this my husband says “Dont remind me about that tragedy in my life” just to see the reaction on my face. I  always like to read about others wedding story to see how destiny unites the two people. Please share some interesting things about your wedding too.