Is he/she the right person..

For everyone who had a valentine to celebrate with yesterday,who are  looking for one and who think relationship is not for me right now I am pretty sure at some point of time in your life you might have asked this question to yourself on meeting someone IS HE/SHE THE RIGHT PERSON?. Unfortunately in real life you wont see angels around them or a bulb glowing when you meet that person.I see relationship as a string with two ends,only when the two ends meet you can tie the knot. So if you are in one end  and your partner on the other end of the string even if  try your best to meet your partners end and if he/she keeps pulling the string further it wont work.In my experience when you meet or talk to a person you will know for sure if he/she is the right choice. Things around you will shape such that it will indicate you that you both are destined to be together.

Very small example from my life when me and my husband started to talk, he causally mentioned that if he lives in US he would like to settle in Austin Texas.He was in California at that time and I was in Vegas doing my Masters. Next day I got an offer to Intern with a company in Austin TX (I promise this was not the only reason why I married him) but things around you will give you a hint.
In any relationship if something doesn’t feel right never compromise and settle. You will not be happy. Dont go behind to fix something broken .You can never force anyone to be your friend or your enemy. Same rule applies here too.At  the same time if you screw up a relationship never forget the learning’s you get out of it.
For all those who found your MR/MRS RIGHT long back and happily married my hearty wishes for a happy long life together. For those who think relationship is not for me right now I am pretty sure your MR/MRS right is waiting for you somewhere will appear before you when you are ready .For  those of you who found your MR/MRS RIGHT recently and going to tie the knot soon my hearty congratulations and don’t forget to read my previous post on “First year of marriage life do’s and donts”.