Watch for deals even after you buy a product

Happy Valentines Day!!!! I could really feel the love in the air today.We didn’t have  fancy plans we just made some dinner at home and had my favorite  tiramisu cake for dessert(it was a surprise and you can make me really happy with 5$). Thanks for the lovely comments people this makes me wake up at 12 in the night to publish a post after I was knocked out in the process of putting my kids to sleep.

Usually we all watch deals for a product that we want to buy and after we buy it we think we are done.I am going to add some more vision to it. Recently we bought a dining table for our new home ( Thank you I hear your congratulations ) from Costco. We have been looking around for a while in many furniture stores and we narrowed down to this one.It was a lot of work to get it home and then my husband who is really good at assembling furniture’s (lucky me)  assembled it. We were very happy with what we got and had a feeling of accomplishment and feeling of relief since we don’t have to go shopping anymore as it is really hard with 2 kids (next hard thing in addition to eating out) .This happened a month ago. From then whenever we visited  Costco I would go and see if there was any deal on this furniture, guess what there was a 200$ manufacturer rebate on the same piece of furniture that we got. YAHOO ;)…We had the receipt with us and we immediately got 200$  back on our credit card.This is also saving according to me. So watch for deals on  things even after you buy them and always save the receipt for any big purchases.