First year of marriage life….dos and donts

Since most of my friends/cousins have got married recently or are about to I thought this might be an interesting topic.I would like to recollect some of my memories as well.

First let me go over the DO’s.
*  Say “I Love you” to each other as much as possible
* Ask “Sorry” when necessary
*  Be patient it takes time to let someone into your space
* Get to know your partner better even if you had known them for years
*  Call every now and then to find out how your spouse is doing
*  Cook or experiment with cooking as much as possible and also eat out you will know why if you read my previous post.
*  Travel as much as you can
*  Treat your wife like an angel and your husband like a friend
* Any misunderstanding talk it out then and there. Never prolong an issue for more than a night believe me it is not worth it
* Try to build a relationship with his/her family based on how they behave with  you rather than being judgmental
* Give each other time as both of you are learning and it takes time to mature
* Never give up on each other
* Never tell the personal things between you both to anyone even your parents


*  Don’t take each other for granted
*  Don’t let your ego take over
* Dont think your individuality is gone. It is just taking a different shape since another dimension is added to your life.
*  Don’t think too much about future just enjoy
*  Dont’ harp on things he/she says
*  Don’t get into big commitments like a mortgage to pay or a big car loan
*  Don’t fight for what his or her parents or relatives do
* Don’t get into an argument too soon hear out the other side
* Dont let anything come between you both ;earn each others trust

I can go on and on ….if you ask me if we followed all of the above… Certainly not but most of them and that has helped us march into our 5th successful anniversary… Whenever we face any difficult situation we would stop blaming each other and will always look at how to solve the puzzle at hand. Life is all about it. You don’t get to choose your birth,death,parents but you can choose your spouse and friends to lead a happy life with good memories.