What to cook for the week some ideas

Thank you everyone for  viewing my blog. I am motivated to write more.Thanks for the lovely comments.Leave more ideas so I can learn as well.

WHAT TO COOK ?? is a big burning question in my mind everyday. I am a working mom of two kids. I pack lunch and cook dinner for me and my husband as well as my kids.Our family seldom eats out because of the hassle associated with going out to eat with kids..Usually I have to feed my kids before I take them out. By then I am tired and  hungry and both me an my husband will never have the patience to watch them and finally when the ordered food arrives we will not be able to eat peacefully.( I think most of you with 2 young kids can relate to this) We tried going out and always regretted later.Then we started to get home TOGO  boxes but the food didn’t taste that good.These days I prefer to make something at home than going out. Then comes the problem what to make?? for people who read my previous blog on weekly deals this is what I do. Usually the ads are out by Wednesday I browse them when I have time and decide on menu items for next week.
For example if there is a deal 3 for $1 bell pepper then I  will make stuffed bell pepper or chilli paneer or capsicum paneer or fried rice or just capsicum onion uthappam and so on..
If broccoli is on sale then I will make broccoli cheddar soup,steamed broccoli,pasta with broccoli,just broccoli curry(same way we make cauliflower curry).
If spinach is on sale then I will make palak paneer,spinach kootu,spinach masiyal so on.
You can add more to your imagination and suggest some more recipes for me to try.
Then I will always make one  lentil dish  for the week channa masala or  rajma masala or  dal makhani,or black channa curry or split mong dal curry or vatanna or just dhal curry. This will go in rotation, each week I pick one. Then I also grind batter like dosa batter, adai batter,aapam batter and pesarattu batter which I keep rotating. Hope this gives you an idea on how to make healthy dishes at home at the same time if you are well planned it is very easy to get dinner on the table within an hour after you get back home from work.Looks like I need a separate post on what I do for kids lunch  will post some ideas soon till then take care and thanks for taking time to read and I am waiting for more ideas from you all too.

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  1. Having batter is definitely a plus,you don't have to scratch your head on what to do. Also one day of soup and sandwich helps. We also to to mix salad into the schedule to keep it light and healthy. Pasta/Pizza is what Nethra loves the most to that is def in the menu. I don't do the deals part.. may will start keeping an eye on it 🙂

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