Mothers Room Episode…..

 Only working moms with kids can relate to what I am going to write here. My daughter turned one last November.  I work for a company where they have a MOTHERS ROOM for new moms. One of the hardest thing of being a working mom who just had a baby in addition to sleepless nights, changing pee pee poo poo diapers, managing not to sleep at work, trying not to get irritated with people due to lack of sleep is explaining your male coworkers what  MOTHERS ROOM is.I usually try not  to touch that subject.
Recently one of my male colleague came to me and said that he and his wife had a new baby. I congratulated him and asked him everything I remembered about newborns.Then he asked me if I still use the “MOTHERS ROOM” I just said no and started to talk about something else.He came back to the same topic and asked me “you leave your baby in “MOTHERS ROOM “right?. I digressed from the topic and asked him which pediatrician they were seeing.He finally asked me “HOW LONG DO  THEY TAKE CARE OF BABIES IN MOTHERS ROOM?” then I understood why he asked me so many questions.. I  told him that I leave my baby in a daycare and there are chairs,screens,a small fridge and a sink in the mothers room.So to all new DADS who don’t have any idea about what a “MOTHERS ROOM” is at work ; it is a place where moms pump their breast milk, store it for their new born.I just realized that I cannot explain this to any male colleague at work but  I can write a blog about it.That is the power of blogging.

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  1. Boys are boys…they feel something is going in the room that they are not aware off…or peculiar..when it says with big letter mothers room..
    pity on us.. 🙂

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