Valentines Day is around the corner some tips

Happy Valentines day everyone!!!!. I am really thankful to have a  wonderful family & a “valentine” to celebrate it with.I have 2 kids a son (3yrs) and a daughter (1yr). Usually around this time parents are asked from the day care to give a card to every other kid in the child’s day care.When my son was one we didn’t know anything about what to do for this. We got a normal card and it did cost us a lot. Then the second year I figured out I can get some cards from dollar stores and I did buy them but each cost 1$. Now I have 2 kids, and there are 24 kids in my sons class and around 7 in my daughters. You can do the math.So this year I figured out we can get blank cards from dollar stores and write your content there. 8 blank cards cost 1$.This is cheaper but you have the overhead of writing something in each one of them. I like doing that so I am happy about this. Some of you might have some doubts about how it might look so I have some pics.Though the pic says $3.25 on top if you get it from a dollar store it is a dollar.Sorry if you thought I was going to give tips on how to surprise your valentine this year. I am pretty sure you all know what to do for that 🙂 .

You can write something like this inside.

Hope you like this please leave me a comment on what you do and if this was useful.

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