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This is my first blog writing experience. I just wanted to start with something that we do every week, “GROCERY SHOPPING”.Me and my husband always shop Friday evening after work and we search every week  to find the weekly deals. I started searching the internet to find for one place where I can find all weekly deals. I found some websites but they did not have specific stores that we shop in. You can also compile a list like below that will  help you to quickly find deals only in the stores that you usually shop and will save time than deciding what to buy on reaching the store.So who does not like to save money ???  everyone does Check this out and leave your feedback if it was useful . This is the compilation of stores near our neighborhood where we shop usually.

HEB:   Put in your Zip code
View Weekly Ads

Sprouts Farmers Market: You can type in your Zip code
View Weekly Ads

Randall’s: Enter Zip code to get deals
Whole Foods: Select State and Store Location 
Trader Joes
View Weekly Ads
Walmart: Enter Zip code

7 thoughts on “Weekly deals

  1. Nice stuff Preethi..I liked the deals one..:)Looking for some deals on Thai spices such as Galanga Roots.Basil and Mangrood Leaves..Hopefully should get something from here..:)

  2. Hi
    I went through the write ups. It is good. It will be useful to young mothers like you to share such things. More you write better will it be.Writing is an art. Practice makes you perfect. Good beginning. Keep it up.

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