Is there a right age to get married??

Hi All..Hope everyone had a great weekend. We got a lot of yard work done. Now waiting for our plants to sprout.Amazing spring weather in Austin. This is the best part of the year and I am loving it.
As I was thinking about my age, I was wondering how old I was when I met my husband. I was around 22 and after we decided that we were going to get married, when I told my brother his first comment was ” Why do you want to get married so early?”. Then I thought to myself I know this is the guy I want to marry then why to wait??. I got married when I was 23 and my husband was 27. I would like to list the advantages and disadvantages of marrying around this age
* We were  very young and could adjust to things easily
* Ignorant about most things, may be ignorance is bliss
* After coming to USA and sharing apartments with people was happy that finally we had our home.
* Had time to understand each other
* Was able to have 2 kids early
* Have energy to manage kids (At least we would like to think like that 🙂 )
* No big dreams and did not know much about marriage
* Didn’t expect much in a partner
* Can get done with responsibilities sooner.
* Very immature about things (At least I was )
* Did not know too much about ourselves
* Did not know much about what were getting into
*Did not know what we really wanted

When I see girls/guys waiting too late to get married I feel that by then they know too much about themselves and also expect too much from their partner and eventually get frustrated in the process. For guys I feel late 20’s will be perfect as by 30 you will get more busy with your career and will also be more matured about things and for girls mid 20’s will work out good.In arranged/love marriage parents do their part too in adding more pressure/frustration to the whole process. From my personal experience I feel that whatever age you get married marrying the right person is the most important thing. Please share your thoughts on this and please add comments in this format
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Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and thanks for taking time to read this post.