Hi All..Hope all of you are having a wonderful day.Coming to today’s topic, I wanted to write something about a relationship which you dont get to choose yet it works out to be perfect most of the times.
I dont think we all would be here without them and we might have given them hard and sweet memories, in spite of all that they still wish good for us in their hearts till they die.
For most of us who are abroad I know how hard it is to have our parents miles away.  Whenever I see my mom/dad/mother-in-law/father-in-law the first thing that flashes my mind is “no one can escape from aging”. I can see them slowing down day by day.

After becoming a parent myself, is when I am realizing how difficult it is to raise kids. Parenting is a very difficult responsibility for which no one prepares you . It is always on-the-job training. I wonder why we dont come equipped for it. Each and every age of a child poses so many  challenges and we have no clue on how to handle them. Our parents generation was different,they did not have distractions like smart phones/television/computers , but they had their own set of problems to deal with. I totally understand what my mom  went through when my daughter does the same things to me that I did to my mom. What goes around comes around.

When I was young I always used to think that I should be different from my parents and deal with kids better. I will be a cool mom and so on. After reality hit , now I feel if I do at least 40% of what they did it is a big achievement. I really feel that we take our parents for granted most of the times. If you have not  already please take time and say “Thank you” to your parents for all  that they did to you and do it soon before it is too late. Do share your thoughts on this.