What do you do when you dont get along with someone?

Hi All , hope all of you had a wonderful day. I learnt something today. Usually if I did not use my Kohl’s cash within that time period I would just trash it . I read a few articles online about this and they said “expired Kohl’s cash will not be accepted”. To my surprise when I inquired about this in the store  they did accept my old one . Looks like they do accept expired ones up-to two weeks. Hurrah!! .

Coming to today’s topic ,how ever good you are with everyone in your life, there are always some people with whom you cannot get along. Have you experienced this in life?. Usually I try to be good with everyone I meet. But when I have a conflict with someone how do I handle it?. Few years back whenever some conflict occurred with someone, I always used to think that I am the reason for the conflict and will be upset and my mind will think only about it and I can’t concentrate on other things until it is resolved, will try to ask sorry and be friendly with that person no matter what. With age you mature and these days I analyse what was the cause and if it is not me, I just think that “It is that person’s problem” and will move on. However if it is your family or a co-worker ,it is hard in that case  you will have to talk and sort out things, but if it is a third person then you need not worry too much about it.

All of you would have heard the term “wavelength”. Why do we call some people as our close friends and  some others as friends and others we barely know them. You have to have the same wavelength with that person to talk about issues, in reality I feel that everyone should have some close friends with whom you can talk and share your thoughts. For any relationship including friendship we need to do our work, it is give and take and we have to put in our effort to keep in touch.So grow your contacts, always be in the look out for people with whom you can get along, and for people with whom you cannot get along  even after you try your best , just realize that it is not your problem and move on.