Long weekend fun !!!

Hello Everyone..It was very very sad to watch the semifinals today. My heart goes to all the Brazilian fans. One of the Face Book update that I liked the most was :
“As a Brazil supporter

Goal 1 – Felt match is gonna get interesting.
Goal 2 – Disheartening

Goal 3 – Embarrassing
Goal 4 – laughing at the poor situation of Brazil

Goal 5 – I am not here to watch football. I am having my lunch and it just happens that there is a match on TV”
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Hope all of you had a wonderful long weekend. Ours was very good and a little hectic with a lot of driving. We drove to Dallas to visit family. From there we went to an animal Safari called “Fossil Rim”.  If any of you are in Dallas or visiting Dallas  and if your kids are excited about animals and like to feed them I would not miss going to this place. It was almost a 90 minute drive from Dallas. We saw a variety of animals like

                                                     My daughter watching the deer from the car

My son petting a goat

We drove our car through a designated path and fed the animals from the car. Kids were excited to see so many deer so close to the car  and they loved the Giraffe. One advice given to us when doing a Safari like this is to always throw the feed away from the car, since the sharp horns of deer, antelope ,bison could accidentally scratch or cause a dent on the car. We followed it and came out of the safari with no dents luckily. My son now recollects all the animals and it was a memorable trip. I think there is a Safari near San Marcos also. If any of you have visited it please let me know. Have a wonderful week and enjoy rest of the World Cup matches.