Corpus Christi beach trip

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Hello everyone,how did your day go? mine was very hectic and I am ready to hit the bed. Today’s topic is about the road trip we all went on Saturday to Chorpus Christi beach.
Me an my husband grew up in city very close to the coastal region in Southern India. Beach was very near to our house and we can go any time to the beach within 30 minutes. After coming to Austin the only beaches we have been to are the Hawaii beaches , read the posts on Hawaii trip to know more. It has been a really long time since we went on a road trip, as the kids are very small and we didn’t want to drive too long with them. Last week, one of my son’s friend at school had been to a beach and apparently he told my son stories about beach. My son told me and my husband that he wants to go to a beach too. After hearing that old memories kicked in our minds and since one of our neighbor was already planning to go to a beach , we all thought it would be a good idea to go together.
Highlights of the trip are
* 4 families went together and it was a lot of fun.
*We all started around 7 a.m and reached there by 11 a.m. It was nice to overtake each other’s car and the trucks as we drove to the destination.
*We all carried some light lunch and ate lunch by the bay.
*There were 6 kids and all had fun in the water.
*Kids had a blast at the beach  building castles on the sand and getting tanned.
*We all ladies were relaxed and chatting
*We formed a Whats App group and kept messaging throughout the drive
*Paddle boating was an excellent experience


Some low-lights
*We did the whole trip in a day which was hectic. Next time we will surely stay there 😉 at least for a day or two.
*Didn’t have much time to roam around ,as the city was going to close for some parade , so had to rush at the last minute
*There were so many other beautiful “North Shore” beaches which we could have gone to.
*Corpus Christi is a beautiful city and has many more  beaches by the shore and so many more things to explore.I am pretty sure our first trip was a success. It was an excellent trip to cherish in our memories and we have already started to think about our next one.Thanks to all my friends for making it a memorable one. We went to the visitor center located at 20420 Park road 22 Corpus Christi. This place has restrooms and showers. Later we went to 400 North shore line Blvd, where we did paddle boating. We took the Ocean drive and Shoreline Blvd to reach this paddle boating place. On Shoreline Blvd we many nice parks like Swantner park,Ropes Park by the beaches. Those beaches were very clean and shallow. We didn’t have time to stop there.
Please share other exciting things to do in Corpus Christi if you have been there and also some ideas for a road trip in and around Austin.