Is it all about money?

Hi All, hope all of you had a wonderful day.Today’s topic is about how money plays a major part in everyone’s life.
Sometimes I feel that barter system that prevailed 100,000 years back was a lot better than the current currency method that we follow. Money or currency has evolved and it takes a very important role in every society. It gives you a status in the society and makes you more affordable to all luxuries of life. Why do we all work? or run a business ? it is all for the money we make out of it. I know all of us have heard this “Money can buy you bed but not sleep, books but not knowledge …..” but in reality money I feel money does relieve and create a lot of tension at the same time.
I feel that we all are so much attached to it that we also lose our moral values for it. That is when it is getting more dangerous. Seeing how a person spends we can easily figure our if he/she is a single/married/parent of one kid or two kids.
Meaning of money at different stages of my life:

  • As a kid I never understood value of money. If I got 5 bucks all I knew was I can buy a chocolate or ice cream with that.
  • During teenage money is something that we need to eat out, go out with friends, buy clothes and just chill out, since it is my parents money I still didn’t know the value.
  • After coming to US is the first time I understood the value of money. I still remember how I used to wait for my day when I was student that I can spend money and eat out. Since I was on a tight budget that time. 
  • After getting married and when we didn’t have kids it was a different life,  we feel we can spend money and enjoy
  • After kids every penny matters. We always think about our kids education and their needs
  • Finally we have to worry about retirement savings.

Another problem with money is if we earn less then we have to make ends meet, if we earn more money than what we need then we have to be worried about investment .If we lose money on some investment it does affect us.
When I take a step back and look at it, I think all of us are stuck in a vicious  circle and there is no end to it . We keep chasing money and it keeps chasing us. If any of you know where it ends please let me know.