California trip

Hi All, You all must have noticed that I didn’t update my posts regularly. I was enjoying my vacation .Just came back today.You will know where I went if you read this post ( We went to California mainly Folsom and Bay area. It was a wonderful trip and got to meet so many people .Thanks to my brother for the comfortable stay. Me and my husband used to live in Folsom before we moved to Austin. Folsom was the city where I met my husband first. As we drove through the city lot of old memories flashed my mind.The first P.F Chang’s restaurant where we met, the Chipotle restaurant where we used to go often. All the street names and the apartment where we first started out life as newly wed couple. At my niece birthday party I met few of my brothers friends whom I knew too. Everyone has changed and they have kids now.
We really enjoyed the bay area visit where we got to meet our friends there some of them have moved from Austin to Bay area.Thank you all so much for taking time to meet us and also make our stay comfortable.Since our family is miles away “FRIENDS” are who really help you out in the U.S.A. We are really blessed to have so many of you who really care for us. All friends that we met have helped us in each stage of our life. I used to have a room in one of our friends house where I first stayed when I moved to Austin. Another friend who  helped us so much during my second delivery to take care of my son and another friend who  helped me so much when my husband visited India for a week and I was expecting my second kid and my son was a toddler.
Apart from this we also met my college buddies and also my husbands other close friends. It was such a pleasure to meet you all and revive our old memories. I am really happy that all of you have been a part of our life.Then we came back to Austin and our friend picked us up and gave us awesome yummy dinner. What else can I ask for in this life, I am really grateful for all this and hope I can do more to help you all as well. Well I am tired now and going to hit the bed. Good night.