Am I successful in life??

Hello everyone. Today’s topic is something that I have always been thinking about. How to find out if I am successful??.Is it  
* Being healthy??
* Having a good career??
* Having a six digit salary??
* Having a perfect family??
* Raising kids well??
* Being a good partner??
* Owning a nice house??
* Travelling around the world??
* Being good to everyone?? (You can add your own to the list)
I dont think it is  possible to have the combination of all the above in life at the same point of time. For example Steve Jobs was a person who was very successful in his career, earned a lot of money  still he didn’t have a healthy life. Micheal Jackson was very successful in his career he didn’t have a healthy life,good partner,perfect family. Still they are “successful ” people.

We all will achieve “success” in something at some point of time in our life and if  we dont appreciate it at that point of time and worry  about things you are not good at ,you will not realize how successful you are. Personally I have made a  check list of what all is important to me and my goal  to attain “success” on that and try to see what I have achieved till now and what I should get better at. I  have “being healthy ” as the first one in my list.I believe  we cannot generalize this term “SUCCESS”, it has different meaning to different people. So please dont judge people by what they have or what they do (Very easy to say,but hard to follow). Make your own list, then if you do a check on all that you have attained you will be really happy to see how successful you are in what you do.
One more thing to remember is “success is short lived”. I understood this by writing this blog. My goal to attain success for this blog is to write more popular posts for which I am working hard everyday. Like wise all goals are short lived and you have to keep changing your goals to challenge yourself.Please do share your thoughts on this.