Feeding schedule for Newborn-1 yr old

Hi All, Today’s topic is a request from my friend to go over the feeding schedule of my daughter.
For my son I had to substitute with formula after 6 months. He is 3 years old now and he is very normal now,so dont feel bad about feeding your baby formula. I know all moms try hard to nurse but for some reason you might have to substitute with formula which is perfectly fine.Again baby food is a billion dollar market. Dont buy all Gerber/Earths Best Organic  products,do try to make them at home , believe me you can do it ,it is not very difficult. This is what I did  for both my kids.
*Until my daughter/son was 4  months of age I nursed them. When I was away at work I used the mothers room , read more about what it is here (http://preethi-pretty.blogspot.com/2014/02/mothers-room-episode.html).
*Around 4 months I introduced some oatmeal cereal ,similar to cerelac that you get in India for dinner only one time a day.
*Around 6 months I started to puree some veggies like (carrot,beet root,sweet potato, avocado, butternut squash, beans) just boil all then and smash it in a mixer and this will be the breakfast and then milk for the rest of the day whenever hungry and then cereal at night. Of course they used to wake up twice at night for milk again.

*Around 9 months the main idea is to bring the schedule to 5 feedings a day + 1 feeding at night and substitute with water for the second milk feed at night. So
breakfast = veggie puree
morning snack= milk/formula
lunch = boil in cooker (moong dhall+rice+carrot+squash+beans+cauliflower+any veggies your kids love that you know from the puree items) and then smash it and give it .
evening snack= some fruit puree- apple+dates,banana,pear,(no citrus fruits and mango until 1 year old),strawberry, peaches just smash these in a mixer also combination of these fruits and give it
dinner =oatmeal cereal
night one feeding =milk/formula
and other one just plain water
* Around 11 months if your kid has some teeth follow the same schedule above and try to grind the everything  into a chunky texture and then slowly introduce dosa (soak in water), roti (soak in water),cheese,yogurt (no milk  until 1 year old) , some Gerber banana puffs and try to slowly stop nursing  at night and start giving water in a sippy cup.
All these are what I followed. I used to look at the varieties in Gerber/Earths Best Organic and try to make it at home for the vegetable and fruit puree. Have a few Organic Earths Best jars handy just in case if you want to go out and you cant make it at home.  Always consult your pediatrician to get more ideas on what food to give and what not to. Stay tuned to know more about 1 yr -2 yr food schedule.