I am always jealous of her why??

Hello All, hope you all are enjoying the  weekend. We went to South Asian  Festival at Zilker park yesterday and it was good. Today stuck with household chores 🙂

Keep your weekend free on May 15th and 16th and also 17th , it is the 10th anniversary celebration of KALALAYA in Austin. There are going to be 2 plays enacted on 15th and 16th. On May 17th there are 2 Bharathanatiyam recital and a hilarious stand- up comedy by a a stand-up professional team  from Dallas. Waiting  for the tickets info. Stage play and direction by a renowned director , Krishna Sankar To know more about this check this website Direction FX.

Summer is approaching and we need to get the swimming accessories for the kids. We got this goggles for them using this deal  2 pair of swim goggles for $7.99 . A good deal for swim set is Nautica Little Boys Rash guard swim set.

I really don’t like to compare myself with anyone and I know jealousy is something that spoils relationships. But there is one person whom I am  always jealous about. I have been seeing this person since childhood. When I was in school, I used to study seriously for my exams but she used to read some story book and be  very cool yet scored very good marks in her exams. Later when I was in college, though I studied well, she seemed to always have loads of fun yet managed to get a gold medal and university rank in her exams.

Later I got married and had kids. Whenever I complained about my kids ,she always talked so much about  how nice her kids were and how easily she managed them. Though I am very jealous of her in every stage of my life, she is still my best friend and she guides me through everything.

If you have not guessed whom I am talking about, it is none other than  “MOM”.  Even yesterday when I was talking to her and telling her about how difficult it was for me to manage everything she told me about how she was enjoying her retired life.

I know that she has also struggled stage by stage in her life to reach where she is now. Still I think to myself that she is enjoying life more than me :). I am jealous but I want that to continue and I want her to be happy always and only good things come to her. If any of you have experienced this feeling do share your comments.