Some myths about life !!

It is not a Sunday unless you try to really work hard to get things ready for the week and at  end of the day you figure out that you missed to do some things that you planned for the weekend :). Most of my Sunday’s goes like that. We have a new week and hope you all have a good one.

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As I am getting into the next phase of my life ( from 20’s to 30’s), I realize that some myths which I believed earlier is no longer true. Some of them are

*You can control everything in life :  Right from your birth to your parents you have no control. Sometimes I think to myself, if I were not born to my parents I would have been a different person. We  follow our parents in many ways. So the base where you start is not in your control so just let it go.

*Your education gives you everything in life : When I was young , I was a very serious and studious person. When people had fun and did other things I thought they were crazy. Now I understand that I was wrong.Education system itself is very very weird, I saw this photo on Face Book and I truly agree with it . I discovered that I can write very late in my life. I am practicing to try to  find the best in my kids whenever I am  around them , the sad part is  they always bring the worst in me 🙂

*Money is everything: There have been times when I thought if I have money I can do this or that, I will be very happy, I dont have to work :). Money solves most of the problems but not all of it.
*Living abroad is the best: In my 20’s I thought India is not the place to settle down. Seeing my aunt and uncle visiting us from abroad, I thought they are really happy there and they are not worried about anything. Living abroad for quiet sometime now, I know that it is very very hard physically, have a lot of work to do without help , it is very difficult mentally also as  you miss your parents and also other small things in your home country.
There are so many to add more. It is very surprising as to how you get to know more things as you get older, though you think you are just following a routine and there is nothing interesting in life.