The God of Music !!

Hope the week is going good for everyone. It is spring and we are all looking to do something fun with our family. There is a groupon for the Sea World, San Antonio 42$ for 72$ adult pass and 32$ for 61$ kid pass. We went there last week and it was fun for the kids.

My favorite music composer is AR Rahman. I was young when his famous tamil compositions released. Only thing I remember is waiting on Friday’s for a special program in Doordarshan channel to listen to his songs. If the songs were not suitable for kids to watch then I would just loose that opportunity also.I have always been a fan of his music growing up. These days , I  get around with Austin traffic listening to most of his compositions in the car. Whenever I am scared to pass a big truck while driving I will listen to one of my favorite songs  and will pass it with ease.When I am sad I know which song can lighten me up . His music has always been there to comfort me.
Recently this question popped up  in my mind , how can someone be a genius like this??. There has to be someone or something behind all this, so I went ahead to read his biography. As I was reading , I found so many new things about this person that I never knew. I didn’t know much about his father and his childhood. Then how he worked with other music directors and did jingles and finally through Roja came to be noticed and won the national award. You must watch this interview  he gave in 1995  in tamil 
For people who don’t understand tamil , he was asked if he could win grammy/academy  award and he answered “could be “. All his answers were very matured. Looking at his growth and achievement I feel that we all have witnessed a music genius grow in our period. 
For people who want to just know more about him and not read his biography see  this Rendezvous with Simi Garewal

 I am really happy that an Indian has gone to heights through music and also he is helping younger generation to learn music through his music college KM conservatory. I really wonder how he does all this when we crib about the general things that we do day to day. I am so much looking forward to his concert in Austin.