Can we really exchange our mother??

Finally done with cooking and cleaning for tonight. After finishing all the work, I browsed through Facebook and found this video being shared.

As I watched this advertisement some thoughts flashed across my mind. From the mother’s point of view the ad has been made very well, the emotions are brought out correctly. Moms always miss their kids, also a mom can love any other kids as her own .Being a mom I can relate to it.

My mom is a working mom so I dont see how working moms will have the time to participate in this program. Coming to the cooking aspect ,it has been seven years since I got married and I am still trying to cook food that tastes closer to what my mother-in-law cooks and looks like that is not happening. Now and then my husband comments that his mom makes some dishes really good. (He never says mine is bad I have to appreciate him for that).With all this aspect I doubt how someone can make something that tastes like your moms food.To be very honest ,I am from Chennai and my mom doesn’t cook north Indian food that often at home and after a point it is difficult for her  to learn new things.

 If my mom had participated in this program and sent me food through someone, my first reaction would have been to call and tell her not to do it. I would have just asked her to stop worrying about me and enjoy her life. Also I would pity the other person who  has to eat the north Indian food cooked by my mom 🙂

This is a new concept and the advertisement has been made well. In reality whether this program will be a success or not is a million dollar question. Only time will answer. My personal feeling is  we should let our kids explore and be independent and also no one can exchange or replace ones own mother.  Please share your thoughts on this and comment whether you agree with me or not.

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