Attention to all parents whose kids have a PIO card!!

Hope  your weekend is going good.  It is getting hotter and this is the time to let kids play with water. Yesterday my kids had a lot of fun in one of our friends place splashing water using the stick splashers. I have got my son water guns before, but the stick splashers seem to be better. As I was looking for deals to buy 2 splashers for my kids ,I found this one  Pool master 72571 Water Pop Dual Pack Hot Shots Power Launchers. One splasher usually costs around $15.Two for $19.88 is a real deal.

Two weeks back we had been to an Indian and Thai food trailer called Bombay Dhabba and Little Thai in Austin. Food tasted really good and the good news is they are are in the same complex.People in Austin do check it out if you haven’t already.For more information check this Bombay Dhabba and Little Thai.

Last week my sister-in-law shared this news with us. Indian government has merged the PIO( Person of Indian Origin) and OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) into OCI. PIO cards are not valid after June 18th 2015. However existing PIO card holders can travel to India with a valid passport now but are requested to apply for their OCI cards ASAP.

The process and the checklist of items needed are explained very well  here PIO to OCI. The major differences between PIO and OCI is explained very well here OCI vs PIO. Indian government decided to merge these two to provide more benefits for a person of Indian origin.

After my son was born it took us at least 6 months to fill the forms and apply for a PIO and we got the PIO card in 2 months. The process was very tedious that some of my friends just decided to get a VISA for their kids instead of PIO. We are yet to apply  OCI for our kids.Hope this new process  is clear and we can apply hassle free.

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