Happy Birthday Nethra

“Happy Birthday” to my wonderful niece…She turns “2” today the “terrible two” starts. Good luck to my brother and my sister-in-law on handling that.
I was just rewinding my thoughts  to how I felt when I knew  they were having her. I was so happy and as usual  gave in my  inputs on “What to expect while expecting” based on my experience. I did visit them during my sister in law’s baby shower ,still I didn’t get to see her :(. Few months after this I knew I was going to have my second one. Still I managed to make a trip to see the beautiful angel for the first time when she was around 5 months old. I was keen on noticing  all her movements and it is always fun to watch the little ones. I was happy to hold her and rock her to sleep.
I  Skype with her now and then and  see how she grows and talks .I will always know when she is not doing well. I will get a call first thing in the morning from my brother.  Being at different places in the US makes it hard for us to meet every now and then. But we make sure that we meet at least once a year.
Next time she visited us was when my daughter turned one. She was very quiet to see me initially ,she liked my husband more than me…(really !!). believe me it happens. She then played with her brother and sister and she had fun. Poor thing I had to discipline her by  teaching my brother and sister-in -law the trick (1-2-3 magic) to make her behave better. It was so cute to see how curious she was about her new place and everything.
I am really excited that I will meet her soon  for her birthday party. I am really happy that she is a part of my life and my only wish is that my kids get to know her better and they all are one “cool gang”.

                                                       Happy Birthday Nethra
                                                    -from Athai,Athi,Pranav and Riya

All who have a wonderful niece/nephew you will be able to relate to this post. Happy Friday and enjoy the rest of your day.