Is there anything called Work-Life Balance ?

Happy Friday everyone.To know what I do Friday evenings read this post ( I know that we all look forward to weekend thinking of getting more sleep but in reality will end up watching a movie or something and be awake for longer time than weekdays and be very sleepy and tired Monday morning 🙂
Today’s topic is something that has been nagging my mind for some time.When I Google for the real meaning of the term “WORK-LIFE BALANCE”   it says “Work-life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and lifestyle (“health,pleasure,family and spiritual development/meditation). How many of you have really attained this??
Life is not fair always. At home there are some things that has to be taken care of. In families where both husband and wife work it is always a tough call to who has to take care of what .Also at work no one gives you any special discount that you are a single/married or mom/dad when things  have to get done they have to.
In my personal life there has been situations where I have to make a tough call as to what is important to me.Whether it is “my career” or “my loving kids and family”. Every time when I decide on one, I have to let go  the other. So when I sway too much towards career ,I dont get to spend time with my family. When I sway too much towards my family I dont get a good review at work. In the process of trying to  balance both  I end up getting stressed.Recently I attended a  stress relief work shop at work and that is when I realized how much stressed  I am trying to manage everything.
So I have decided to do the following:
*Take some time to do yoga or at least practice meditation everyday
*Keep telling to myself that “I am the best and I can do it”
*Do my best both at work and home and feel happy about it( not bothering  about the noise other people create)
*”Work out” to relieve stress
*Sleep well  and get at least 8 hrs of sleep and not stare at any monitors late night.
 Though both me and my husband  help each other as much as we can,  I still feel  that you can not satisfy both worlds. I am going to practice the  above things and will let you know if it helped me.If anyone of you have mastered the art of work-life balance please help me out here and let me know what things you do to make sure that you have a sane life. Thanks for taking time to read this post.