After all it is WOMEN’S DAY :)

Happy Women’s day ladies. I know we are special and we deserve to have a day for us.I had a wonderful day. Met our very good friends  for some chai this evening. He makes amazing chai ,if you dont taste it you are missing something in life for sure.Then had a “chaat” night with our neighbors. Thank you for the wonderful paani puri and bhel puri.We have wonderful neighbors and  our kids are around  the same age and they have a blast whenever they are together. I am really happy to be blessed with so many nice people around me.
Today’s topic is about the importance of women in any relation. Be it a daughter/sister/wife/mom/aunt. I really feel we make the bond more stronger in any case.
As a daughter most girls care a lot for their parents, they are the ones with whom parents can talk issues more easily and even they serve as outlet/supporter for their moms.Then as a sister they emotionally connect to their siblings. They are always a pillar of support. Any brother-sister or sister-sister relationship is easier than a brother-brother relationship. Men in general are not made to be expressive.Next as a wife she turns to be more responsible and  is the care taker of the husband and even more she does a lot for the family.She makes an attempt  to get to know the new family. In my household my husband’s parents always talk to me to know more about what is going on than talking to my husband.As an aunt she pours her love on her niece/nephew.

Next is “MOM”. I really dont know how she removes her heart and places it in her kids hands.Kids are always the first priority. Even when she is  hungry/tired she would make sure that her kids are taken good care of before she does anything for herself.This is the most beautiful relationship where she is selfless and is ready to do anything for her kids.
There are always exceptions in all the above, but still in majority of  cases I think you all will agree with me. That is why when a man is lost in the family some things are lost, but when a woman is lost everything is lost.
Wish you all a wonderful Women’s day and keep the good work going and thank you to all the men who support us in this beautiful journey “life”.Please share your thought on this 🙂