Joys of having a daughter !!!

Daughters are always special. They are compassionate and loving.After I read the book , Men are from MARS and women are from VENUS, I understood some basic differences between men and women. But only after I see my son and daughter, I really understand the depth of how each gender is so different.

My life got more colorful after my daughter. My daughter looks a lot like me , but her characteristics resembles my husband. As soon as she wakes up she would come and hug me and give me her morning smiles. If not for her I would have not known about fairy tales or peppa pig. If not for her I would have known how to pretend and play. When my kids figure out I am not in best of my mood, my daughter will first try to comfort me. She would just say “You are my baby and I am your mommy you can come and sleep on me”. My son on the other hand will be more curious on what happened and how to solve it. Even at this very young age I see a vast difference between them.

My daughter always hugs me, give me kisses , admires whatever I wear. She will tell me “I like the dress you are wearing and the ear ring too”. She loves a lot of art work. She likes to comb my hair , dress me up., give me  a massage. I know she is so little that I always let her not to , but still she will at least pretend to do all this.

Also she would pretend to cook for me, help me with laundry and so on. She would always be next to me asking if I need help. I hope all this continues as she grows older too. Fingers crossed :).When she gets  a quiet time, she knows what to say so that her dad will let her go. “She would hug him and say you are the best daddy”. That mostly will get her out of trouble.I know that our son also cares for us and he loves us, but daughters are very very expressive. Every day evening just 5-10 minutes with her would make me feel refreshed.Everyday evening no matter what she would come running and give me a hug when I pick her up.

The relationship between daughters and parents are always special. Happy Friday to all of you and have a wonderful long weekend.