Is eyebrow threading good or bad ??

Recently I read an article shared by my friend in a group about how important the area around our eye is. The main nerves and the acupuncture  points are here. Also the skin is very soft and sensitive We are never supposed to do threading or use  tweezers and pluck the hair around this area.

This made me thinking,  in my mom’s generation , only people in show business used to wear make up and also trim their eyebrows. I am not sure when it became very common that everybody can do it. I  have never seen my grandmother or my great grandmother correcting their brow line, but they looked more beautiful and happy. I remember in that generation people used to apply castor oil to their eyebrows so it will grow well.

Compared to waxing eyebrows, threading is a lot better. I believe anything in moderation is fine. But we should not  be so obsessed with it . I know few people who feel bad to be in a gathering if they have not trimmed their eyebrows and also some who do threading more often than required.This applies to any form of hair  in our body.Too much of shaving and make up is also bad for your skin.Remember that most  people dont notice all this ,try to be with people who notice your  inner beauty. It is good to look fit, beautiful and feel more confident, but have to be careful of our choices to get there.

I think at-least next generation should be more confident in whatever way they look and more importance should be given to everyone’s inner beauty than the outward appearance. Please share your thoughts on this.