What makes you and me happy ?

I watched a TED talk video shared by one of my friend on Face Book about a Havard study on what makes human happy.

In the talk he explains that all of us think our main goal in life is to be
1) Rich or
2)Famous or
3) Really work very hard to achieve one of the above.

But what really makes someone  happy is good relationship. They have studied the brain development and also the physical health of around 700 people over their entire life to understand what really makes someone happy.People in a good relationship have always been very happy physically and emotionally than people in conflict. Being in a conflicted relationship can lead more harm to your health than you can imagine.Also people with a big social network have also been really happy. Watch the video below to see more

 Loneliness is something that can kill you.It is so true that people can feel lonely even in a crowded place. It is just a state of mind. Also holding a grudge against someone deteriorates your mental health. Man is a social animal.The talk ends saying , it is surprising how having a good relationship is never a life goal , when that is what really matters at the end of our life when we are at our 70’s or 80’s.

After I listened to the talk , I realized how true it is. Having a good relationship is not very difficult but needs a lot of understanding and patience. Social network is another thing. In this fast paced life it is very difficult to maintain a social network,  not just Face Book or Twitter.Meeting new people and making new friends is something we have to try to do at every stage of our life.One thing to remember is after the kids grow up, it is only our friends with whom we can connect.

Listen to the TED talk and share your thoughts. My first thought was , I was surprised as to why it took so long to find this little secret. Good night and see you soon with another post.