No worries..

At every stage of our life, we worry about something. As a kid we worry about  small things. As we grow, there comes more responsibilities, you have to get a job , get married, have kids. After we come parents we worry right from the first day of our kids. I just feel like the worry is never ending.Even today my parents are worried about their grand kids :).

Life is a roller coaster ride, we worry about ups when we are down and worry about downs when we are up. We all know worrying doesn’t help anything, still it is very hard to control our mind.What if I told you I have a solution to all your worries. I am sure you will laugh at me. I dont have a solution, but there is a simple flowchart . If you follow it, you can become more logical about the things you worry about than act emotionally.I found this flowchart online a few months back. I am trying to follow this for small worries that bother me.

For example, most of us (mostly moms) worry about getting back to work after a baby,  worry about kids not eating, worry about work related issue, worry about future. I always analyze those worries through this flow chart. Most of my worries  usually  take this path ” Do you have a problem -> Yes -> Can you do something about it -> No ->Then dont worry”.

The more we train our minds to let us be happy the better it is for us.Please share your thoughts on this. See you soon with another post.

One thought on “No worries..

  1. Flow chart is a great idea, I wonder how and if I could ever control my analytical mind. as a first step. I am going to remember to sing popular Tamil movie songs like “oorvasi oorvasi take it easy oorvasi” ? Or “freeyavudu Maamu” songs. Once the brain is calm, grab on to the flow chart idea.

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