Mother’s marriage advice to her son

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Coming to today’s topic the bond between mom and son is something different. I always complained to my mom that she supports my brother more than me . Now I have a son and I know the reason why  and I can relate to it.I recently read an article about “5 marriage lessons that mothers should give their sons”. This article clearly brought out that moms don’t talk much to their sons about marriage as they talk to their daughters, which I agree. In general the view of earlier generations were that daughters should adjust and be good daughter-in-laws but sons get a free ride.The main advice’s that the article focused on were:

        *Don’t compare your wife with me 
        *Your wife is not your “mommy”!
        * Respect your life partner!
        * Help your wife at every step!
         *Never stop loving your better half!

I like all the above points but I will like to add more to it, if you read my post on ( you will understand clearly that previous generation men were not gives such advises. My advice to my son on this will be 
           *Don’t compare your wife with anyone. Everyone is special and different.
           *Your wife is not your mommy and you don’t try to be her daddy, just be her friend.
            * Respect your life partner and her parents/family as they are very important to her.
           *Help your wife in every step , I  think he will get this by seeing his dad everyday. So all men out there be nice to your wife and help her out  as that is what your son will learn.
              * Never stop loving your better half! -Yes this one will be love your better half more than anyone even your parents as she is the one going to stand next to you for years to come.

It is very easy for me to say all this now. I wish that I will read this post when it is time for me to really advice my son. Do share your  thoughts on this.