Party time !!

It has been an amazing month of blogging. Thank you all for the wonderful support and taking time to read my blog.I am still enjoying it and love to read your comments and thoughts.I am in a party mood so lets get to today’s topic.
 This topic is a long due and has been requested by someone very close to me. If you read this you will understand who that person is (
In general when you throw any party just keep in mind who all you are inviting and how you want to engage them.The main things to decide first are
*When??  Which date you are going to have it and what time is  the party is very important as  this will decide the food that you are going to serve whether it is breakfast,lunch,dinner or evening snack. If you are ordering food make sure you check with that restaurant/person if that date will work for them.
*Where?? This is the most important one as you have to decide where you are going to have the party. At home or park or a community hall. Weather plays an important role here so check all that before you decide and if something needs reservation make sure you have availability for the date you decided if not consider changing your date to make things work.
*Who?? We always make a guest list and count the number of adults and kids to have a rough idea of the number of people we are going to invite.
Once you decide on this go ahead and send your evite and always make sure you mention lunch or dinner or light snacks will be served. Dont let the guest in a dilemma as to what will be served.
(check my forthcoming post on some simple party snack ideas if you plan to make something at home)
*What?? Meanwhile make sure you buy the items for the party.Most items you can get from dollar store. If you are planning to buy things in “Party City” always look out for their coupons before you go shopping. They will have 10% off or 10$ off of 50$ purchase, you will be able to find something online.

Today I will focus on Birthday party. For birthday party make sure you pick a theme so it will be slightly easier to get things accordingly. If not also it is fine just make sure you pick appropriate colors on all items.Also pick a nice outfit for the whole family so you all look good.
*Cake this is the important one, dont forget to order cake. A table cloth to put on the table where you place cake.Then focus on candles, lighter to light candle and a blunt cake knife to cut the cake, plates and spoons and forks to serve cake and napkins.
 * Decoration items
 * Balloons
 *Party hats
 *Yard sign if you are having it at home
 *Tape to stick decoration items
 * Some art items like crayons or puzzles or legos so the kids who come to party are engaged.
 * Make sure you have your camera battery charged and also have someone take the pics for you as you cant do everything or hire a photographer.
 * If you are planning to have party some where else other than home make sure you take enough serving spoons, trash bags to collect trash there, some Ziploc bags or aluminium foil  to distribute remaining food if you dont want to get everything back home.
*Return gifts and gift bags count the number of kids and buy age appropriate gifts and pack them before hand so you can just hand it off during the end of the party.
 *Water or juice for kids and adults
*Order some pizza and have fruits and veggies that kids can eat.
These are the things that I can think of. Get enough help from friends for decoration ,food pick up and other small help that you need. I am pretty sure everyone will be more that happy to help you. Remember in any party things can always go wrong. Dont worry about all that and try to have a wonderful time and make it special for the birthday person. Do add things that I have missed and also your thoughts.