Is the world really small??

Hope everyone had a wonderful day.Today I meet someone who knew one of my friends and we made a comment “small world”. When I thought through why we say that it struck to me that it could have a different meaning too. Of course our world is very small when you look from a satellite  and we are a tiny point in it with a lot of ego thinking we are superior. I am not getting there, let us jump to today’s topic.
I was following the news on the missing plane for more information read this post ( Looks like China has released some satellite images and they suspect that it could be the plane and it crashed.These were images from Sunday and they just released it today. There is really something fishy about this whole thing.No one has confirmed anything yet.
As I read more and more on this missing plane what makes me sad is that each country calls out the number of its citizens and doesn’t care about others in the plane.I feel that the extra sense we have has helped us in so many ways at the same time it has reduced empathy for people. Self-centric approach towards everything is growing.All countries want to just focus on their citizens.
Another incident that really made me sad was the Andhra/Telangana split. I really didn’t follow that news very closely but I got bits and pieces of information  about it from my friends. India as a country has so many issues to fight against to survive. We have so many neighboring countries with which we fight for our land and on top of it do we need this split??. If it really helps anyone or any cause please correct me here.What we are doing here is fight for a small land  for ourselves against our own fellow Indians and make it more diverse and call India as a land with “Unity in diversity”. To me it looks like an act of some people  to get power and money.

All this makes me think that
           *All nations want to become super power and want to crush other nations and have a smaller world
           *Rich still get richer and poor  get poorer  and have lesser money
           *People’s houses are becoming bigger and their hearts smaller
           *Power and money is all everyone wants and less empathy
           *More terrorism and less love
           *More technology advancement that helps you talk to a device and talking to people is less
           *Updates on phone is more important than a person standing next to you
I can go on..all this put together concludes that each and every day we are making the world smaller where we worry only about us. Good luck “my son” you will have lot more challenges to face when you grow up and I am sorry to leave such a world for you.Please share your thoughts on this and have a wonderful evening.