Interesting facts about the 2014 Indian Election

India is the largest democratic country in the world. I read several articles and these are some interesting facts  that some articles quoted:
* The elections dates are spread over in these dates.

7 April – 2 states, 6 constituencies
9 April – 5 states, 7 constituencies
10 April – 14 states, 91 constituencies
12 April – 4 states, 7 constituencies
17 April – 12 states, 121 constituencies
24 April – 12 states, 117 constituencies
30 April – 9 states, 89 constituencies
7 May – 7 states, 64 constituencies
12 May – 3 states, 41 constituencies
Counting of votes – 16 May

*There are going to be 100 million more voters than last election.

*People can choose “None of the above”  as an option where they dont want to elect any one.
*There will be a photo voters slip to ensure only the genuine people can vote.
*Transgenders can select “other” as their gender and cast their vote.
*Polling will take place for 543 seats out of 545 and 2 candidates will be appointed by the President, a party has to secure at least 272 seats to form the government.
*There are a total of 717 million registered voters 
* 814 million voters are eligible to vote. 
*The Election Day is declared as a holiday for the respective States.
I tried to read through the internet to find how NRI’s ,who are still Indian Citizens can cast their vote remotely. All I read said that you can fill papers online but you  have to be present to  cast your vote. If any of you have done it remotely please let me know on how to do it.